An Unforgettable Bespoke Suit Fitting Experience
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"I want to thank you again for the dramatic effort you went to get my first tailored suit rushed to me before my budget review In New York. You can certainly tell others how dramatically it impacted my confidence. I am not afraid of presenting to large groups, and wasn’t fearful of presenting to the CEO of Colgate, but I’ve never felt so comfortable in my appearance as I did this week. I knew my suit fit well but was amazed when colleagues said things like ‘Wow so someone’s making your clothes these days’. My own boss and the CEO of my division said I looked like I was made for New York. My presentation and budget went well because I was prepared, but I looked great because I was also prepared, with IDs help and some fine people in Hong Kong. Again, confidence comes from knowing you look your best, and this time, for the first time, I didn’t feel like the clothes were wearing me, I felt I was wearing the clothes, the best suit in the room. The fact that multiple people went out of there way to say; so added to my confidence and both I, and my first tailored suit, delivered."

Blake H

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Susan says;Susan says...
 Our Bespoke Shirts are measured and cut from the finest cloth for a luxury shirt with unrivalled comfort.
One could say they are the best bits of tailored shirts, custom shirts & slim fitted shirts all rolled into one!


Liz says;Liz says...
Bespoke Suits from ID Bespoke are the result of a Champagne suit fitting where we take 15 crucial measurements.
Many people would class these suits as luxury suits, made to measure suits, tailored suits etc however, a Bespoke Suit is far superior

ID Bespoke are happy to visit you if you are located in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire,
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