An Unforgettable Bespoke Suit Fitting Experience
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"Thanks for providing me with a top quality suit! I can honestly say that the suit I bought from you is the best suit I have ever purchased. I really appreciated your expert advice on styles and colours which took me down a different (and better!) route than I would have taken on my own!"

Simon S

Our Bespoke Suit Fitting Experience

A relaxed, unhurried bespoke suit consultation

Suit Fitting Step 1Consultation: Your fitting begins with a consultation during which style, cut, colouring, budget and choice of fabric is discussed over a nice glass of champagne
or cup of good quality coffee.

Suit Fitting Step 2Personalisation: You will have a choice of many excellent cloths, your selection of linings in a myriad of colours from the sober to the sensational and a choice of style from the classic to contemporary. With the ID team willing to provide objective advice if needed.

Suit Fitting Step 3Measurements: To create mens bespoke suits it requires 15 measurements. Additionally, we also take a set of digital photographs.

Suit Fitting Step 4Cutting: Using both sets of information the tailor has a complete profile on which
to cut the suit exactly to your body shape.

Suit Fitting Step 5Delivery*: Your finished bespoke suits arrive in the UK within 4 weeks. It is
then professionally steamed and delivered to you.

*Put on weight or been on a diet, no problem as our brilliant alteration tailor works with us in the

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Susan says;Susan says...
 Our Bespoke Shirts are measured and cut from the finest cloth for a luxury shirt with unrivalled comfort.
One could say they are the best bits of tailored shirts, custom shirts & slim fitted shirts all rolled into one!


Liz says;Liz says...
Bespoke Suits from ID Bespoke are the result of a Champagne suit fitting where we take 15 crucial measurements.
Many people would class these suits as luxury suits, made to measure suits, tailored suits etc however, a Bespoke Suit is far superior

ID Bespoke are happy to visit you if you are located in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire,
, Surrey, Oxfordshire or London. Alternatively you can come from anywhere
in the UK (or the world for that matter) and visit us. There'll be a nice cold glass of
Champers or a warm mug of coffee waiting for you... Whatever you'd prefer!